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Home Inspector and owner of HomeShield Inspection Service Mr. Guy Carpenito has quite a resume! starting with thirty five years of passionate commitment to the business of knowing all about a home, its structure and all of its operating components. Guy's vast and extensive experience as a Contractor, puts him miles ahead of his competitors, he knows how a house is built, how its mechanicals systems work, how to fix it, and of course! how it should be inspected. 

Guy has gained valuable experience by remodeling countless houses through the 35 years, utilizing all phases of construction, giving him a major edge over all of the others. 

Guy's knowledge of inspection continues to impress by having the hard earned credentials of being a NYS Certified Fire Prevention and Building Code Enforcement officer, and a NYS Certified Licensed Home Inspector and graduate of AHIT, The American Home Inspectors Training Institute.

Guy is a Certified Radon Tester, Certified Mold Tester, Wood Destroying Organisms Inspector, and a Certified member of the International Association of Indoor Air Consultants. All certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  

Rest assured that HomeShield Inspection Service can give you, The HomeShield of Confidence you can count on for your next inspection!


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